Take Your Bathroom Renovation to the Next Level

Arnold & Kirkwood, MO: Bathroom design is more affordable than you may think

Bathroom remodeling is one of the wisest investments a homeowner can make. Due to the small square footage, it's easy to replace flooring and fixtures without breaking the bank. Plus, the property value of your home will increase and you'll get to enjoy a beautiful new space for years to come.

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3 fixtures to upgrade in your master bathroom

3 fixtures to upgrade in your master bathroom

Choose H&H Remodeling, LLC to renovate your master bathroom. You may consider switching up your:

  1. Flooring-Add dark laminate or vinyl flooring for a contemporary look
  2. Shower-Install floor-to-ceiling tile that's gorgeous and easy to clean
  3. Vanity-Expand your counter space or add another sink with a larger vanity
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